Schoolhouse Test 6.1
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Schoolhouse Test 6.1

Schoolhouse Test allows you to create and print a test, quiz, or exam
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If you are a teacher or professor, of any subject on any school level, which is pretty much the target for this product, you sure know how bothering and time consuming can be to prepare exams for students. But you also know that you cannot escape the obligation to do them, even more, you have to create them from scratch every year to avoid the possibility of cheating.
That’s why you could find SchoolHouse Test an extremely helpful application. Its purpose is, indeed, to help you creating tests of a wide variety of types with a great simplicity. Its interface is intuitive and simple enough to be used by almost anyone, no matter the level of computer skills they have.
Let’s explore how SchoolHouse Test works. The interface is a multiple-tab window; the first tab is the Start Page tab which is always on, the other tabs correspond with the tests you are creating, one tab per test. In the Start Page you will find some SchoolHouse Technologies online, such as the website link, community forums, and the online help desk. In addition, you will find a fast start button, to quickly start creating a new test.
Once you start creating a new test, its corresponding tab is created with the name “Test #” according to the amount of tests being created simultaneously. Within the tab, the content and work is organized into three sections:
1. Design View: this section is where you create and design your test. On the right you’ll see a test items list; on the left you’ll find the tools to create a test item. The first thing to decide is what kind of item you’ll be creating. From a drop down list you’ll be able to select the type you want. Some of the options are: multiple choice, true and false, long answer, short answer, fill-in-the-blanks, among others. Once you selected the type, the window will refresh showing the corresponding fields for you to complete. When you finish creating the test items you can go ahead to the Document View tab.
2. Document View: here is where you get to see a preview of your test, just like it will look when printed. From here you can also configure printing options.
3. Answer Sheet View: this tab automatically create and show the sheet you will use to check the students’ answers. Once again, the printing configuration tools will be available.

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  • There's a full functional trial version available
  • It's very easy-to-use
  • It allows creating a wide variaty of test types


  • In the trial version, all print outs include banners
  • It's not possible to change the test printing styles
  • It's not possible to create new test types


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